14-15 May 2012

During the International Roma Decade conference on preschool education (14-15 May 2012), organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, NGO AMBRELA has presented its recommendations and asked more attention for standardizing conditions in all state kindergartens (including those where predominantly Romani kids are attending), for involving multidisciplinary mediators' teams in communities, free of charge kindergarten attendance for socially-deprived families, learning in multicultural environment, and above all, attention for the poorest children and parents who are marginaled and excluded by all, even their peers. The recommendations are based on AMBRELA's project activities relating to preschool education inclusion (the preschool Romani children inclusion is currently supported by Roma Education Fund, Bernard van Leer Foundation and European Commission).

16-22 October 2012

Ambrela will organise activities for Roma preschool children to make them aware of the importance that sports can serve at an early age to prevent discrimination in every aspect of their lives. Children from Cair, Karpos, and Suto Orizari municipalities will participate in workshops and sports activities to designed at integrating them with youths of different nationalities.

7 December 2012

NGO AMBRELA has opened a first Toy Library in Macedonia, in Suto Orizari (with support of Bernard van Leer/REF). Opening a Toy Library should not only enable children to play with various toys but is also meant to contribute to increased interaction between parents and children, social participation and social skills.

NGO AMBRELA, Roma Education Fund (and Bernard van Leer Foundation) are continuing support for Romani children in Suto Orizari - for the moment, 51 children have been included into the local kindergarten (in totally 70 children will be included into preschool activities). REF supported project will further enable arranging documents for 150 persons, vaccination for 300 children as well as material support for the families.

14 November 2012

NGO AMBRELA and other national NGO partners from Macedonia are conducting a field / academic research regarding the Roma Decade progress, with the support of Roma Decade Secretariat, Budapest. The final report will be available in June 2013.

26 December 2012

On the 26th of December 2012 NGO AMBRELA has organised a New Year's party (together with the kindergaten in Suto Orizari) for Romani children and parents - a funny act with Santa Clause was prepared for them, as well as New Year's presents for 102 children

24 January 2013

NGO AMBRELA participated in the Council of Europe ROMED conference whereby the significance of community mediation was stressed - AMBRELA supports this initiative and itself works directly with the community and employes mediators in education, healthcare, IDs issues, social wellfare etc.

9 February 2013

"From Borders to European Integration" was a seminar organised by Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying (PEL) - on the 9th of February 2013 an Ambrela representative attended the seminar. After the seminar, a group of 25 young people from all over Europe visited NGO Ambrela and the Suto Orizari community whereby different views were exchanged on integration of minorities within the European context.